17 Shocking Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns

17 Shocking Shell Stitch Crochet Patterns

Picking up shells has always been my favorite thing to do when I visit the beach. However, as I get older, I find I have less and less time to go to the beach. When I’m feeling nostalgic for those big buckets of fishy-smelling shells, I tend to pull out some shell stitch crochet patterns!

Shell Stitch Patterns

The shell stitch is one of the most beautiful and versatile stitches in crochet. First of all, the stitch makes a lovely border on almost any afghan or granny square. Secondly, Secondly, if you crochet the stitch in a circle you get a gorgeous star-like pattern. Thirdly, the unique texture of the stitch pattern looks absolutely gorgeous when used in any clothing pattern.

In short, shell stitches are way better than beach shells.

The good news is if you’ve never attempted this stitch before, AllFreeCrochet has plenty of tutorials for the stitch itself, using the stitch as a border, and even creating a more solid version of the stitch for thicker afghans.

If you’re already a self-professed shell stitch pro (or you’ve seen those tutorials and are ready to try a project), then the following patterns are for you!

Lovey Fingerless Gloves

Fancy Market Bag

Wavy Shells Blanket

Wavy Shells Beanie

Paper Dolls Shawlette

Chainless Quick Shell Afghan

Sky Blue Top Pattern

Picot Shell Stitch Scarf

Renaissance Tunic

Shelled Bookmark

Let’s Party Crochet Poncho

Beach Day Cover Up

Scale and Shell Bag

Stacked Shells Slouch

Petite Mermaid Costume

Sexy Legwarmers

Women’s Slanted Shell Slippers

What’s your favorite crochet stitch?

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