Crochet tutorial: Basic 5 point shawl 💖

Crochet tutorial: Basic 5 point shawl 💖

This is the shawl, that started it all. 😀
It’s simple and basic and easy to work on, so I hope it will be just that for you.
Since it’s the starter of all my other shawls, I have added some tips in this video. Like different option to start shawl, if you have hard time with magic loop and How to pick yarn, if you making continuous project.
I hope you like, make and enjoy this pattern as much as me. Thank you all 💞

All of my patterns are and always will be here on YouTube and free 💖
If written form becomes available, it will be added in description below 👍
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Thank you all war watching 💖
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Pattern made by “Foxy Creations”
This Pattern is available only in form of video tutorial. I don’t do written patterns! ( because I have a hard time with them)
If any written pattern from one of my creations exists, it did not come from me. If selling created items, please use your own picture/s.
I don’t give permission for use of my personal digital media!
I put tutorials here and even if they look amazing, they will always be free 😉
Feel free to use this pattern and sell any items you make. 💖
Just please remember to give credit to creators when selling finished object/s. Thank You 💖



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