Summer Styles: 15 Crochet Clothing Patterns

Summer Styles: 15 Crochet Clothing Patterns

Where I live, sometimes it takes a while for summer to really heat up. Now that we’re coming up on July, the heat is finally turning up and it’s going to be stifling hot for the next few months whether I like it or not. Which means crocheting more sweaters may have to wait until my thighs stop sticking to my dining room chairs. So I’ve decided to look into some more season-appropriate clothing crafts. There are lots of crochet clothing patterns that can be worn on even the hottest of summer days!

15 Summer-Friendly Clothing Patterns

These patterns are light, airy and 100% comfortable to wear in the blazing sun, and this is just a small sample of favorites from AllFreeCrochet!

You can try your hand at making cover-ups for the pool or the beach. With some cool-colored and lightweight yarn in hand, you won’t get sand in your clothes ever again.

Or maybe you have a lot of spare yarn lying around? Why not make some barefoot sandals? They’re a great stash-buster and are very easy to make. They also make a good nighttime beach walk companion, because they let you really enjoy the sand between your toes.

Hats can be nice summer accessories too! Of course, they’re usually wide-brimmed with plenty of ventilation. There’s a particularly nice pattern below that I personally wear when I’m out in my garden! I would highly recommend it.

Crocheting isn’t meant to be a cool-weather-only craft. There’s really no limit to what you can create with some lightweight yarn and a few sturdy hooks. Yarn crafts have no season and these 15 summer crochet clothing patterns will prove it!

Summer Festival Clutch

After The Rain Tank Top

Rockin Lacy Duster

Water’s Edge Kimono

June Sunhat

Lacy Summertime Tunic

New Waves Barefoot Sandals

Infinite Ways Sarong

Flip Flops

Reversible Wrap Around Bikini Top

Breezy Summer Top

Fine Million Dollar Red Barefoot Sandals

Sandals using Flip Flop Soles

Floppy Sunhat

Pink-Striped Tank Top

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What’s your favorite thing to knit by the pool?

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